Vantage Marketplace

Vantage Marketplace LLC, a subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., is a consulting service connecting clients directly with thought leaders across multiple industries.

Potential clients include: hedge funds, institutional investors, private equity and venture capital, consulting firms, and corporations.

Case Studies

Rig Utilization and Capital Spending

Chesapeake's announcement of curtailed capital spending in the face of lower gas prices has many wondering what this means for drilling contractors and service providers in the coming months. Will this cause rigs to idle? Will day rates decrease?

Speak with the following Vantage consultants to get additional clarity on this topic:

  • CEO of a private Houston-based drilling contractor.
  • Independent Midcontinent E&P executive who sits on several service and supply boards.
  • North American rig analyst who develops proprietary reports on rig supply and demand, new rig technologies and other drilling issues.

Smart Meters, Grid Matters, and Cost Hurdles

One of the most exciting developments in energy infrastructure has been the emergence of smart meters (or Automated Meter Infrastructure, AMI), which offers promise of better electricity management, more detailed billing options and closer control of the end use of electricity. Some believe smart meters can be used instead of large capital spend on grid infrastructure, as they facilitate more expeditious management of energy delivery. A few utilities have already taken the plunge in the smart meter pool, but there remains a healthy debate about the true cost/benefit value of smart meters that may hinder their rapid deployment.

How will the smart meter market develop? How will this trend affect the profitability of utilities? Which areas of the country benefit most from the technology? Can the cost/benefit hurdles be overcome?

Speak with the following Vantage consultants who can help shed light on these questions:

  • Ex-utility executive and now consultant focused on metering advances and financial implications of new technologies.
  • Academic economist who studies macro grid supply and demand trends and has evaluated how smart meters will affect grid power flows.
  • Metering engineer familiar with current and evolving smart meter technologies, costs and manufacturing challenges.